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Our Restaurant menu (particular)


Haruhay Schnitzel P369
Pork escalope topped with ham and cheese in cream sauce

Wiener Schnitzel  P379
Pan fried breaded pork escalope with lemon

Paprika Schnitzel  P369
Pan fried pork escalope in spicy bell pepper sauce

Schweinsfilet Zuericher Art P379
Pork medallions in Mushroom cream sauce

Schweinsfilet Natur P359
Pork medallions in Natural gravy

Schweinskotlett Imolkamer Bauern Art P309 
Pan fried pork chop with Caraway seed

European Sausages

Ungarische Wurst P219
Spicy Hungarian Sausage

Frankfurter Bockwurst P219
Boiled Frankfurter Sausage

Ein Paar Wienerle P219
Pair of Vienna Sausage

Bayrische Weisswurst P219
Bavarian Style Veal sausage

Kalsbratwurst  P219
Pan fried Veal sausage

Nuernberger ( 5 Stuck )  P219
Five pieces of sausage with herbs

Kaesekrainer P219
Cheese Sausage

Italienische Wurst P219
Italian Sausage

Essigwurst  P219
Sliced sausage in vinegar with bread

Schweizer Wurstsalat  P239
Sliced sausage with cheese and onion in vinegar

*Alle Wurstgerichte werden mit Sauerkraut oder Brot oder Kartoffel serviert.
*All sausages are served with a choice of sauerkraut, bread or potatoes.


Aufschnitt / Kaese Brot  P179
Assorted cold cuts or cheese on sour dough bread

Haruhay Special Sandwich P199

Aufschnitt Platter P299
Assorted cold cuts with cheese


Spaghetti mit Tomaten-Fleischsauce P289
Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti in Sahne Sauce  P289
Spaghetti with Carbonara Sauce

Filipino Special

Beefsteak with onion and Soy sauce   P319

Deep Fried Breaded Chicken   P289

Pancit Canton  P279

Sotanghon Guisado  P279

Pork Steak  P299


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